Our sponsors

Without the support of private investment and public funding, the renovation of our listed farmhouse estate would have been virtually impossible.

We discovered the then derelict property in autumn 2018. Without suspecting the challenges we would face in the following years, we “fell in love” with this bijou. Fortunately, we were accompanied by individuals and institutions who backed us in this large-scale conversion and renovation project right from the start. They have been a constant support on our journey and made tremendous efforts on our behalf. We are grateful to our investors and partners for the interest and trust they have shown.

Today, Le Rossignol is a place of hospitality and tranquillity that we want to preserve and share with others as a unique cultural treasure in the local countryside. We invite you to discover this special blend of old and new and look forward to your visit.

Aid from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development – EAFRD

The EAFRD is designed to strengthen the rural regions of the European Union. This financial aid is intended to create attractive, viable rural areas and villages with a future. This is achieved in particular by investing in sustainable tourism and local amenities.

As a female host and owner of a cultural tourism business, I receive EAFRD funding. The aim is to create local opportunities that generate income and employment for women and to improve the local infrastructure.

The EAFRD funding has been used to equip Le Rossignol, develop and implement an artistic and architectural concept and enable the digitalisation of marketing and sales. There are also plans for a village shop in the immediate vicinity that will sell local produce and wares and serve as an attractive meeting venue for guests and villagers.