Your hosts

Hospitality is something we care about deeply. It is not something we were born into, nor did we go through intense professional training. It is a passion that fulfils, inspires and makes us happy.

We have learned an enormous amount from the exceptional hosts we have encountered on our travels. Dominique and Jean-François set the standard at our favourite “chambre d’hôtes” in the French Périgord.

What sets us apart?

Essentially it all begins with a stylish but simple and relaxing interior. We have selected high-quality fabrics, furniture, lighting and materials that are durable and cosy. Each of our apartments and houses has a unique character as well as a warm and natural colour scheme. None are off-the-peg.

We value warm conversation and the easy connection of people but also understand your need for peace and tranquillity. We have therefore created rooms for social interaction, privacy and special events. This combination resonates very much with our guests’ needs and the Le Rossignol way of life.

We share our best tips and recommendations with our guests in our digital folder. The kind you won’t find in every travel guide – and for all three countries in the tri-border zone.